Mood Markers

Mood Markers

Mood Markers ‘Feel It, Name it, Place it’ was created by Michelle Schofield
There are 5 different sets available, please email to order £15 (per set) posted within the UK
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What are Mood Markers?

Developed by Michelle Schofield, Children’s Therapy Services

Suitable for therapeutic work with children, teens and adults
The idea of the Mood Markers is to help support those tricky conversations about big feelings. The possibilities of how the Mood Markers can be used are endless. Let you imagine run wild!

Some Ideas of use:

• Ask the client to choose a Mood Marker from the bag (without looking) and talk about when they experienced that feeling. The client could even draw an imagine or create a sandtray of that experience.

• Have the Mood Markers available in your space to allow the client to choose the markers (nondirective)

• Have the mood makers next to a sandtray, to enable the client to use them as part of their process or once they have created a sandtray, ask them if any Mood Markers would fit. You could invite the client to name the Sandtray with one of the Mood Markers.

• When exploring relationships for example, family relationships, the Mood Markers can be used to explore feelings associated to different relationships/people

• Mood Markers could be used to identify feelings associated to self. For example, line the Mood Markers up, and ask the client to choose any Mood Markers that they were drawn too, which feelings can they identify with, which ones would others choose for them i.e. parent, teacher, partner

• You could ask the client to choose a Mood Marker to represent a parent, carer, teacher, sibling

• With parents/carers the Mood Markers could be used to identify feelings associated to their children/young people at that time, and then which ones would they prefer to be associated when thinking about their child.

Are they suitable for Sandtray?
The stickers are made of a laminate sticker and the marker is plastic, so they are suitable for dry sandtrays

What is the price?
£15 (including UK postage per set, if multiple sets are purchased, discount will be added).

How do I order?
To order please email with what set number you would like and an invoice will be sent over for payment.

How do I pay?
Payment can be made via paypal or Bank transfer